A long tradition

About our Church



We aim to transform ourselves first to help others transform and
evolve to be a better and fruitful person every day.

To be an inspiration to inspire others to do good in the presence of God
through our works.

Never to cease growing as a team, willfully accepting the shortcomings
and trying to improve every day for the glory of God.

It is always better to serve than to be served as taught by Christ our
Savior. Our focus is to use our gifts to serve others also help other nurture their talents and gifts from God.

Our Church

We are a vibrant and young church who gather together to praise, worship and listen God’s word. Our teachings are deep rooted on biblical principles such as Prayer, Fasting, Works of Holy Spirit, Obedience to God’s Word and Holiness.

Our Story

We had a humble beginning of starting the fellowship by our pastor Samson Samuel in a small house with  six  people. By God’s grace , the commitment,  prayer and labor of our pastor and church members, the church has expanded and then moved to a bigger house and later to the present building to accommodate more souls.

In 2014, in month of April our Pastor Samson Samuel has taken charge of Madiwala IPC. Many people discouraged him as  it was a small gathering  in a  house. God gave confirmation to our pastor from the word in Nehemiah  that “his servants will build together”. By faith  he started the congregation in that small house, with only six people. After much fasting and prayer with God’s guidance the service was moved to a bigger house. But there were many financial difficulties once the church was moved to the bigger house but God gave  him a confirmation from the word in Gospel .Peter looked at Jesus and walked on sea, but when he saw the storm and was about to be drowned Jesus caught him by hand and saved him. The Church along with Pastor continued prayer and fasting and in that year God provided the needs and added many people to the church including many youths. As more people are added to the church we started praying for a bigger place and in 2016 in the month of June we moved to  the new building in Madiwala Main Road. We have seen the providence and mighty works of God in our lives. The drive for our church is to lead many people to Christ. We request your prayer for our church and its ministries.

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